Uber told to stop service in South Carolina

Uber has developed more troubles stateside, with South Carolina bringing the service to a halt over a certification issue. Yesterday, the state's Public Service Commission ordered the ridesharing service to stop until it gets a certificate of public convenience and necessity, something taxi companies and other vehicle-related carriers must get. The state seems to have retained a favorable opinion of the service, but is firm in requiring it to get in line with state law. Uber, for its part, is proceeding to satisfy the requirements.

Uber has been operating in a few regions in South Carolina since last summer, and according to a spokesperson the company has since been working to strike a "permanent solution" regarding operating in the state. Though it is proceeding with applying for a certificate, the company has expressed discontent with this latest decision.

Said the company's spokesperson Taylor Bennett in a statement to WLTX 19:

Despite working closely with the PSC for the past several months on a permanent solution for Uber in South Carolina, today's actions are unexpected and not reflective of the progress made thus far. We will challenge the order and remain committed to providing South Carolinians with greater opportunity and choice.

Uber has had some other troubles in the states (not to mention elsewhere in the world), with one of the most recent incidents involving Portland, Oregon, where the company launched its service in violation of state law. After a heated few days, Uber agreed to pull out of the state for three months while regulations were updated.