Uber taps public transit with TransLoc partnership

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 11, 2016, 3:02 pm CST
Uber taps public transit with TransLoc partnership

Uber has tapped into the public transit vein with its new TransLoc partnership. Under this, Uber’s mobile app will be integrated with the TransLoc Rider app, enabling the service’s users to set up trips that encompass public transit options in addition to Uber rides. Public transit, meanwhile, could see a boost in riders who use Uber to get to the nearest train terminal or bus stop.

The TransLoc Rider app is somewhat like the Uber app, only for buses and other forms of transportation. With it, travelers can see things like bus routes and bus stops, ideally making it easier to get around using public options. The trouble for many, though, is that a desired bus stop or train station may be too far away to walk, which is where Uber wants to come in.

Though Uber rides are often more expensive than taking the bus, using it occasionally to hop between transit stops won’t add too much to the overall total. According to a FiveThirtyEight study, for example, taking 85-percent of trips using public transit options and the rest with Uber works out to about how much it costs to own a vehicle.

When the Uber and TransLoc apps’ integration will take place isn’t clear. According to Reuters, Uber already has some other public transit partnerships in place, including in LA, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Dallas.

SOURCE: Reuters

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