Uber, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story bring the Force to your ride

That's no moon, that's your Uber ride. OK, so you won't exactly be riding the Death Star (can that thing even travel?), but you can hop on an X-Wing fighter en route to your work or whatever destination you have in mind. That is, with a little bit of imagination and this update to the Uber app. Joining the craze for the upcoming "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" movie, Uber is making available an optional feature that will make you feel one with the Force.

With the first Star Wars "spin-off" film premiering in just a few days, Disney is pulling out all the stops in making sure everyone knows that. In addition to trailers and merchandise, it has partnered with various tech companies, especially like Google, to bring Star Wars-themed features to their apps and services.

As you might have expected, Uber's Rogue One tie-in involves turning cars into X-Wing ships. Curiously, there doesn't seem to be any TIE fighter representation, hinting that Uber is very biased towards the light side of the Force. And if that weren't enough for Star Wars fans, riders can also have access to "never-before-seen" curated video clips from inside the app.

If, however, you have no love for the franchise, don't worry. The rebels won't just invade your Uber app. The feature is completely optional and those who wish to avail of it have to opt-in by activating the Rogue One card.