Uber rides can now be ordered in Foursquare app

Uber's slow expansion into other services has grown a bit more, with the ridesharing service teaming up with Foursquare to offer its service to the latter app's users. Those who use Foursquare will be able to order a ride without leaving the app thanks to a new "ride there with Uber" button. The Uber app will still be needed, but with this button many of the options will be chosen in Foursquare's own app and then loaded automatically into the Uber app.

It's all pretty simple to use. You'll need to have the Uber app installed and it'll need your payment information and such. Once all that's out of the way, you'll just press the Uber ride button inside of Foursquare on the page of wherever it is you're looking to visit — a restaurant, perhaps.

The version of Uber's service the user wants can also be selected from within the Foursquare app. By using the Uber partner button, Foursquare is able to further flesh out its offerings to its own users, giving them a way to get a ride to a place in addition to the already available reservation and similar features.

The particulars about the business arrangement between Foursquare and Uber has been kept quiet. Those who use the service should be seeing the Uber button in the Foursquare app as of now.

SOURCE: Forbes