Uber riders can now see the rating their drivers give them

Uber drivers have it a bit stressful — a bunch of things can go wrong that are outside of their control, but blame is often put on them, and upset passengers more often than not take it out when it's time to rate the driver. Drivers must retain a certain rating level to continue driving, which means they want to avoid problematic passengers, or at least have a heads up about what to expect. That's where passenger ratings come in.

Passenger ratings are scores that Uber users ("riders") have been given by their drivers, and those ratings haven't thus far been made available to the users; they're for drivers to see. Many Uber users have wondered what their ratings are, though — maybe they've a low rating and it's why it can be hard for them to get a ride, for example.

The folks over at Mashable say they've discovered a way to find out your rating, assuming you're an Uber passenger, and it involves using the mobile app. The directions are as follows:

Open the Uber app.

Click the Profile section located at the top left.

Select Help.

Pick Account.

Choose "I'd like to know my rating."

Agree to "know my rating."

We can't say for sure whether this works, as we haven't tried it ourselves (I'm a Lyft user, personally), but they say a "full report" will be emailed to you from one of the Uber staffers if you follow the above directions.

SOURCE: Mashable