Uber Pass membership with ride discounts goes live across the US

Following a trial period in several cities, Uber has announced that its Uber Pass membership is rolling out to users across the United States, with the exception of California. This membership is ideal for consumers who regularly use Uber's ridesharing and food delivery services, offering them various perks like ride savings and free delivery for grocery and meal orders.

The Uber Pass membership is now available in cities across the US for $24.99/month. The subscription offers an unlimited number of free Uber Eats deliveries for orders over $15 and unlimited grocery deliveries for orders over $30. In addition, subscribers get 5-percent off those $15 or higher Uber Eats orders.

There's also a perk for subscribers who often order cars through the platform. Uber Pass shaves 10-percent off the fee for rides on UberX, UberXL, and Uber Comfort. The discount jumps to 15-percent for Premium rides. The benefits apply wherever the subscriber uses it in the US.

As expected, users are able to cancel the subscription whenever they want. The big benefit here is for those who regularly take rides through Uber or regularly order food and meals through its delivery services. There would be little benefit for those who occasionally use the service, but the savings could be substantial for those who use Uber on a daily or weekly basis.

Uber Pass is available across the United States, except in California where a recent ruling about the classification of drivers prompted both it and Lyft to temporarily stop operations in the state. It's unclear how the companies will proceed in the state going forward; under a recent ruling, they're obligated to classify drivers as employees, not independent contractors.