Uber now lets riders set a friend as their trip destination

Uber is rolling out a new feature that allows its customers to choose a specific person as their trip destination rather than an address. This works via an in-app request for that person's location, assuming they're included in your phone's contacts. As well, Uber has announced some custom Snapchat filters alongside Snapchat integration, enabling users to unlock these filters during a trip.

Choosing a person as a trip destination seems pretty straight-forward. Assuming you've added that person to your contacts already, you'll need to sync said contacts with the Uber apps. Afterward, search for that person's name within the Uber app's destination field, and select them when they pop up.

The app will then give you a prompt for requesting their location. The other person will receive your request and tap to provide it back, providing your Uber app with their static location. The person will obviously need to stay in that area after sending the location, otherwise you'll arrive after they've left. The driver will then receive that person's location as your destination address.

Meanwhile, Uber also says it is rolling out those aforementioned Snapchat filters. There's a mystery filter, 'ride filters,' and 'ETA filters' for snapping while you're en route. You'll spot this Snap card in your feed when you're on an Uber ride, assuming you're a Snapchat user. Tap to unlock it. Both features are rolling out to users now.

SOURCE: Uber Blog