Uber has a secret emergency line to help with Uber-related emergencies

Have you ever taken a cab, or an Uber and afterward realized that you've forgotten something important in it? It can be rather difficult to retrieve whatever it was. With a cab, you're lucky if you can remember what company the cab was with, let alone the number on the car. At least with services like Uber, you know which driver you were with. However, the company is working on making it easier to help with situations like this.

The company has been quietly testing an emergency phone line in 22 cities since October. What's interesting is that they haven't really been telling drivers or riders about it. Instead, they've just sort of been sneaking it into their app to see how many users notice it in the various places within the app.

Despite the fact that it's called an "emergency line," it's not for every type of emergency. Basically, it's for the type of emergencies that are within an Uber call center's ability to handle. Did you forget your medication in a car? That's a good reason to call. Are you riding in an Uber with someone who is having a heart attack? You're going to want to call 911. (or if you're in the UK, you'll want to dial 0118 999 881 999 119 725)Essentially, if the issue requires emergency services such as an ambulance or the police, then this isn't the line to call.

For those curious, the number is 800-353-UBER (8237). Depending on your location, your call will be routed to a call center in either Chicago or Phoenix. Since they've been quietly testing it for five months, it seems like it's only a matter of time before they make an official announcement and rollout of the emergency line.

VIA: Inc