Uber gives in to Germany's demands to end ban

Another day, another place where Uber is having trouble operating the way it wants to. Last month it ran into another issue in Germany, where it was banned for the second time for failing to play by the rules. The company was hit last month with the threat of fines by the Frankfurt regional court should it violate the transportation laws in the area. That ruling has now become enforceable, and Uber issued a statement about it yesterday, saying it's "a defeat for all those who want more choice for their personal mobility."

The ridesharing service will be complying with the legal demands, and this will include a 35/cent per kilometer tariff in Munich and Frankfurt with its uberPOP service. It's drivers will be hit by that, at least according to the company, which has warned that getting a ride in the future may be harder.

It'll be using licensed taxis and limos in Germany, complying with the law, and according to Reuters it is currently working on a different ridesharing service that won't run afoul of Germany's transportation laws.

What that service will look like and when it will be available hasn't been detailed. This was followed closely by word that Uber can, for now at least, resume its operations in Portland with the city's blessing. Check out the timeline below for more.

SOURCE: Reuters