Uber Expands: "55% Of US Population" Now Covered

This week the folks at Uber have suggested that their vision of "UberEverywhere" is coming to fruition. With the addition of 24 new cities with Uber coverage, the company now has service in 205 cities across 45 countries. Uber also suggests that they cover 55% of the United States population.

As most of the population in the United States lives in major cities, Uber commands a massive cross-section of spaces with heavy population density. While they may not be heavy into the states with populations that have a big spread, they're certainly in New York and San Francisco.

Four months ago, Uber rolled out an initiative which suggested they'd be expanding at a great rate with "#Uber100". Now they've expanded to "over 100 more cities on 6 continents" in that short amount of time.

Uber has coverage in 10 cities in India, 6 major cities in China, and the following cities have launched just this week:

• Akron, OH

• Blacksburg, VA

• Charlottesville, VA

• Fayetteville, AR

• Gold Coast, AU

• Norman, OK

• Tallahassee, FL

• Wellington, NZ

• Athens, GA

• Bloomington, IN

• College Station, TX

• Fort Collins, CO

• Knoxville, TN

• Oxford, MS

• Tuscaloosa, AL

• West Lafayette, IN

• Auburn, AL

• Boulder, CO

• Dayton, OH

• Gainesville, FL

• Lincoln, NE

• South Bend, IN

• Waco, TX

• Wichita, KS

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