Uber exits Nevada, promises to return

Ride-sharing service Uber has pulled their service from the sate of Nevada, following a statewide injunction against the company. Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman issued the injunction after the Nevada State Supreme Court ruled, in a split vote, that the District Court must hear the case. In a blog post on Uber's site, a representative named "William" said Uber was committed to Nevada long-term, but the ruling made operating there basically impossible for now. There is no current timetable for additional rulings in the matter.

Via the blog post, we find Uber reps calling the issue a a misunderstanding, saying "there is some confusion about ridesharing and how uberX is helping provide a completely new model to meet Nevadans' transportation needs." Uber's long-held position is that they are simply a tech company that allows ridesharing.

Nevada courts, like others in the country, see Uber as a taxi service more than a tech company. Because of that, they want Uber regulated as such. Opponents, often from the area taxi and limousine industry, say Uber is essentially sidestepping long-standing regulatory hurdles.

It's not the first time Uber and similar services have been "banned" from operation. In New York, Uber resumed operation after working with the Taxi commission on a one-year licensing program for its drivers.

Uber isn't done in Nevada, saying "we remain committed to the tens of thousands of Nevadans who already rely daily on Uber." The ban, temporary or not, has taken roughly 1,000 Uber drivers off the road.

Source: Uber