Uber details SOS Alert panic button for riders in India

Back in February, we talked a bit about plans that Uber had in place that would give passengers in Uber vehicles in India a button in the Uber app that would alert police if there were a problem during a ride. Uber is now talking up the integrated solution that it has for making that SOS Alert feature work including the tech that goes into the police station to alert law enforcement.

Uber says that now when a rider in an Uber car presses the SOS button they will be immediately connected to local law enforcement via the phone. A real-time SOS alert is also generated and sent directly to the local police control room.

Data contained in the SOS alert is enough to tell police exactly what vehicle the passenger is in and the vehicles exact location as tracked via GPS. Other data included in the alert sent to police includes the driver name, mobile phone number, and the license number of the vehicle.

Uber tested the SOS Alert feature in Kolkata and is in talks with other cities across India to deploy the solution in more police stations in the coming weeks. Uber says that it wants to partner with additional police departments around India to ensure safety for Uber riders.