Uber details items riders lost in 2019: AirPods, mice, and a Ouija board

Uber has detailed the items its customers accidentally left behind in cars in 2019. The most commonly lost items are the ones you'd expect: riders often lost their keys, forgot their bags, and misplaced their phones. Other commonly lost items included wallets, headphones, glasses, and vapes. What about the less common, but no less interesting, items? Uber has an entire list of them.

According to Uber, the most commonly lost items have remained consistent: phones, wallets, keys, and bags. However, some items have changed ranking on the chart. For example, the number of AirPods left behind by riders increased by 21-percent last year, joining the overall lost number of headphones to sit at ranking #5.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses, vapes, water bottles, IDs, and clothing were also among the most commonly forgotten items in 2019. Joining them was a huge list of less common, but far more interesting, items that rides also reported leaving behind in cars.

Uber has revealed what it thinks are the 50 most unique among them, including things like 'a boulder,' mice that were going to be fed to a snake, and cat tarot cards. As well, riders reported losing things like a Ouija board, 'wee wee pads,' a hard-boiled egg that the rider said they didn't want back, 'small spooky figurines,' and fake Star Trek ears.

Beyond that, Uber has also provided some information on which cities have the most forgetful people, which items are most likely to be lost on certain days, and the times of the days when people lose their items. Lubbock, Texas, has the distinction as the most forgetful city with Oxford, Mississippi coming in second place.

Riders are most likely to forget items on Friday and Saturday, as well as late at night. Customers were also most likely to lose things like their bible on Sunday or their ID on Thursdays, Louis Vuitton is more commonly lost than Prada or Chanel, and BMW owners are most likely to forget their keys.

The full Uber Lost Index for 2019 can be found on its website here.