Uber brings grocery delivery to more than 400 cities across US

Uber has announced the expansion of its grocery delivery service, giving consumers in many cities another option for getting the items they need delivered to their homes. According to Uber, this is the single larger expansion of its on-demand grocery delivery service since it launched the platform last summer.

Uber announced the new grocery delivery markets on Monday, revealing that people across more than 400 towns and cities in the US can now get their groceries using Uber's platform. This includes some major markets like New York City, ultimately doubling the service's availability compared to its July 2020 rollout.

Uber's grocery deliveries are available from a number of stores, including Albertsons Companies' brands like Safeway, ACME, and Albertsons. Likewise, some regional grocery stores have also joined Uber's grocery delivery platform like the Red Apple Group in New York.

Anyone can use the service, but you'll need to have an Uber Pass or Eats Pass and order at least $30 worth of goods to get free delivery. Grocery delivery services skyrocketed in popularity last year when lockdowns forced many people to stay home. Though many places are now back to business as usual, a sizeable number of consumers continue to use these services due to fear of exposure to the virus, convenience, and more.

Uber's Raj Beri touched on the popularity of delivery services in a statement about the new expansion, saying:

This past year has been one of incredible growth for grocery delivery. Today nearly 3 million consumers order groceries and other essentials each month through Uber and we're just getting started. By adding thousands of beloved grocers to our selection this year, we are fast-tracking our efforts to help Americans get everything they need from their favorite supermarket, delivered to their doorsteps.