Uber app to come preloaded on AT&T Android phones

Nate Swanner - May 29, 2014
Uber app to come preloaded on AT&T Android phones

Uber, the popular (but troubled) ride-sharing app, is coming to your AT&T device. Starting this Sumer, all AT&T Android phones will come with Uber pre-loaded. The service is currently available in over 60 cities in the US, spanning most major markets.

Uber calls this move part of their UberEVERYWHERE initiative, which is probably pretty self-explanatory. In an attempt to expand their service, Uber is sidestepping the city-by-city, grassroots rollout, and taking their service to the nation’s second largest carrier. In a blog post, Uber said “This collaboration brings together the  dual strengths—and visions—of both companies: a broad, reliable network and a laser focus on the consumer experience.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Uber, it’s a lot like a taxi service, except it’s accomplished via an app. You can get a ride with the tap of a single button, and pay for the ride with your phone via Google Wallet, PayPal, or a Credit Card tied to your Uber account. They offer a variety of cars to suit your needs, and you can even get a fare quote in the app to eliminate much of the guess-work.

This partnership with AT&T will expand Uber’s reach, which they claim is currently 137 million Americans. What remains to be seen is whether Uber’s app will be included on smartphones sold in regions yet to see Uber’s service, or if the app can be removed.

Source: Uber

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