U.S. Army Launches iPhone Blogging App For Troops

The U.S. Army launched today an iPhone app and mobile website blogging platform aimed at engaging current and potential recruits. Named Army Strong Stories, both the iPhone app and the mobile website offer portable access to site content and allow users to share their own Army Strong story, post comments, and learn more about Army service and career opportunities.

"It is to the great advantage of the U.S. Army to keep current and equip our Soldiers with the latest technology to ensure they continue to share authentic stories about their daily lives in the Army," said Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley, commanding general of U.S. Army Accessions Command. "The Army Strong Stories iPhone app and mobile website reinforce the Army's ongoing commitment to embracing social media and new technology."

The Army Strong Stories iPhone app and the mobile website features include the ability to upload written content, photos, and videos. More than 600 soldiers currently blog for Army Strong Stories. And with the release of the app and website, it will be even easier for soldiers to stay connected with their units, bases, fellow soldiers, friends, and families while out in the field.

[via PRNewswire]