Tzukuri smart sunglasses know when they're lost

Connected glasses have cropped up from various companies, the most notable of which is Google Glass, but few are as simple and regular looking as Tzukuri's smart sunglasses. With the glasses comes Bluetooth connectivity and an app that lets you keep track of both the glasses and handset.

The Australian company has embedded a Bluetooth Low Energy chip in their sunglasses and made a related app they can be connected to. The app keeps track of the location of the glasses, and lets the user know when they're moving away from the glasses.

A notification will be given when the owner is more than 16 feet from the glasses, with additional notifications cropping up at 32 feet and 50 feet. The app also works in reverse, helping owners keep track of their phone.

If the connected phone is remaining still but the glasses are moving away from the phone, a ring will sound from the handset that lets the owner know they've left it behind. The notifications can be changed for when you're at home versus in public, so you're not getting unwanted alerts.

VIA: Digital Trends