Typo keyboard case for iPad Air and Air 2 launches

A lot of people can replace their notebook with a tablet like the iPad and get along just fine for work and play. One of the things you can do to make typing on the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 more comfortable and faster is to get an external keyboard. It can be a pain to carry a keyboard as a separate unit so many opt for a keyboard case. Typo has announced that the Typo for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 is now available.

The Typo is a keyboard case that will protect the Apple tablets and gives you a well-sized keyboard. The case is made to be very thin so it doesn't add much bulk to the tablet. The keyboard module measures 5.5mm thick and uses Bluetooth LE to connect.

By using Bluetooth LE, the keyboard's internal battery can also last longer on a change. The keys on the keyboard section have longer travel to make them feel more like the keys you are used to using on a laptop or desktop keyboard.

Typo has an integrated auto-correct function that corrects common contraction words and gives you the double tap space bar for a period function that is handy on the iPad on-screen keyboard. The case also gives the iPad protection and can prop the screen of the keyboard up at any angle from 10-90 degrees. The case for iPad Air and Air 2 sells for $189 and is available to purchase now.

SOURCE: Gettypo