Twonky Beam now supports Xbox 360 and Roku

Twonky Beam, the iOS and Android app that beams online videos to your TV from your mobile device, is now compatible with the Xbox 360 and Roku devices. The company behind the app, PacketVideo, announced the news today, and claims that Twonky Beam now works with over 90% of connected living room media devices.

Twonky Beam is already compatible with devices and products like the Apple TV and AT&T U-verse, and now one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, as well as all Roku streaming media players, now comes with support for the free Beam app. Those who own either devices will be able to watch online videos from their mobile devices on their TVs.

PacketVideo boasts that "unlike proprietary solutions that only work within a closed environment," the company's Twonky Beam app "is an open solution that works across brands, operating systems and industry standards" in order to bring beaming abilities to multiple devices easily and without hassle.

While Roku streaming media players already have all sorts of online video options, the Twonky Beam app does a lot more than that. It's supports tabbed browsing, and you can bookmark your favorite video sites. Plus, you can beam and play content to your TV while you continue to browse videos on the app itself.

Twonky Beam is a free download and it's available in the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.