Two teens spike parents' milkeshakes to use the Internet after-hours

The modern teenager is surrounded by gadgets, most of which have Internet access. Not surprisingly, many parents elect to meter Internet usage to help facilitate a healthy degree of non-Internet activity. This was the case in the home of one California teenager, who, along with a friend, decided to drug her parents with spiked milkshakes to get around their 10pm Internet curfew.

The unnamed 16-year-old girl from Rocklin, California, went out with a 15-year-old friend to pick her parents up a round of milkshakes. Before bringing them home, the two teens are said to have spiked the drinks with sleeping pills. The teenager's parents detected the off-flavor in the drinks and stopped drinking them, but had apparently consumed enough to zonk out for the night.

The parents are said to have awoken around 1AM feeling like they had a hangover, only to fall back asleep and wake up again in the morning with the same symptoms. Suspecting that something was up, they bought a drug testing kit and tested themselves, with the test showing positive results. Presumably they then questioned their daughter, since a few hours later, they showed up with her at the local police station.

The sleeping pills came from a different friend who has also remained unnamed. The Rocklin PD's Lieutenant Lon Milka stated that the spiked situation is under investigation. For now, the two girls involved have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and mixing a pharmaceutical into food. Both of them have been book at the Placer County juvenile hall.

[via Guardian]