Two new Nintendo Switch models reportedly enter production

Eric Abent - Jun 14, 2019, 12:06 pm CDT
Two new Nintendo Switch models reportedly enter production

Given Nintendo’s preference for releasing multiple variants of handhelds like the 3DS, there are some who expect it to do the same thing with the Switch. Ever since the consoles launched, we’ve seen reports that claim Nintendo is planning to launch new Switch models, and today, another report is saying that they’re already in production. Assuming this report is correct, it may not be much longer before the current Switch is joined by a pair of new models.

We first heard of these two new Switch variants back in March, when the Wall Street Journal reported they’d launch at some point within 2019. At the time, we wondered if we’d see Nintendo reveal them at E3, but E3 2019 came and went without new hardware reveals from the big N.

The Wall Street Journal is again the source of today’s report, and it claims that two new Switch models have already entered production in Southeast Asia. WSJ’s report is mostly about the trade war between the US and China and how it’s causing video game manufacturers like Nintendo to move production out of the latter country or face raising prices. Despite that focus on tariffs, it does have a few morsels of information on these purported Switch variants.

For instance, WSJ reiterated today that one of these new models will look similar to the Switch that’s currently on shelves but will boast more capable hardware. The other rumored model will be less expensive and have “a new look,” but what that means specifically is up in the air.

Today’s report says nothing about when these new Switches might launch, but if they’re entering production now, it sounds like Nintendo is gearing up to introduce these before the holiday shopping season begins. With Pokemon Sword and Shield on the horizon, launching a less expensive Switch could definitely lead to a sharp spike in sales, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more information on these rumored variants.

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