Two men fall off 75ft cliff while playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players have stumbled upon dead bodies, tripped and wrecked, continued to play while hurt, and have even, in some places, been lured and mugged. One of the more harrowing stories to surface, though, is that of two men who walked off a 75ft+ cliff while hunting monsters. The incident took place in Encinitas, California at a beach said to be close to San Diego. They were, as you'd expect, distracted by trying to catch nearby Pokemon.

According to their local FOX affiliate, the incident took place yesterday, and despite the large fall neither of the two men suffered serious injuries. Rescue crews had to use a rope to get recover one of the men.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has more details, saying that one of the men fell 50ft while the other fell all the way to the beach below, which is up to 90ft below the top.

The rope was used to retrieve the man that only fell partway down the ocean bluff, while the man that fell all the way to the beach was treated there by paramedics. Their injuries weren't specified. Their ages haven't been revealed.

Since the game's launch, local law enforcement, the motor authority, and more have warned Pokemon GO players to pay attention to theirs surroundings. While it seems obvious that you shouldn't cross a road or walk in unfamiliar places without looking up first, it's easy to become engrossed in the game and not realize how far you've wandered.