Twitter's newest feature will make photographers happy

Twitter users that appreciate viewing and sharing photos on the social service might notice something is much more pleasing when viewing the site on the web. Twitter says it is no longer cropping images appearing in the timeline into rectangles, instead displaying square and landscape photos in full, eliminating the need to click on them to expand. Unfortunately, Twitter users that appreciate viewing as many tweets on the screen at once without scrolling will not be pleased by today's update.

This may not seem like a big deal when it comes to Twitter as a whole, but it does mean that users will no longer have to worry how their image will be cropped when uploaded and posted, such as photos of people with their heads and legs cut off until the image is expanded. In a blog post announcing the change, Twitter says the goal was to "bring out more of each photo."

Also neat is an updated view for tweets that contain multiple photos. As seen in the image at the top of this article, photos will no longer be shown in an evenly spaced grid, but instead show the first in a larger square size, with the others as thumbnails along the side.

While they will be displayed larger than they were before, certain portrait images will still be cropped, unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're one of the Twitter users that appreciates seeing more tweets on the screen). As of now, the change to tweeted images is limited to, and there's no word on if or when the mobile apps will be updated to do the same.

SOURCE Twitter