Twitter Will Triple Ad Revenue in 2011

2010 was the first year Twitter started to sell ad revenue. They made a total of $45 million. 2011 will prove to be considerably more lucrative for the social media service. eMarketer just announced that they expect ad revenues for the site to top $150 this year. By 2012, the company could break a $250 million.

A quarter-of-a-billion dollars is a lot to expect out of a service only 8% of Americans use. Especially if major security issues- like last year's mouse-over bug, continue. Today even brought news of another worm striking at Twitter users.

But concerns of infection haven't been enough to kill Twitter yet. The service should hit 200 million users this month. There are over 110 million tweets every day.

All those people- and all those pages, open up a lot of opportunities for advertisers. As long as people keep tweeting, the money will keep flowing.

[Via eMarketer]