Twitter users tank in Q4 earnings call

In an earnings call this afternoon, Twitter reported a 2-million active user decline over the past three months. This is at odds with what the company had projected: just the opposite, a 2-million active user increase. Twitter has also made an effort to show that this quarter (their financial Q4) showed a "strong" business side, with continued strength in advertising business, especially in video ads and "across major verticals, channels, and geographies."

While active users are down, Twitter suggests that active advertisers reached 130K in this quarter. That's nearly a 90% increase year over year, driven largely by SMB growth, improved DR tools, and both faster and easier campaigns.

Twitter suggested this afternoon that they will be rolling with three main advertising business initiatives now and through the future. The first of these is to build a rich canvas for marketers including conversational video ads and promoted Tweets with Periscope broadcasts.

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The second initiative Twitter is working on for their advertising business is to drive marketer return on investment and measurement through initiatives like Brand Hub, conversion lift studies, dynamic advertisements, and DCLK integration.

The third initiative Twitter is presenting this week is to leverage their total audience via expanded logged-out monetization. How they do that, exactly, will be shown soon, we're sure. Also on the list are the First View pilot as well as TAP/MoPub ad syndication.

Above you'll be able to hear Twitter's Q4 2015 Shareholder Letter call in full.