Twitter updates with direct message syncing

Craig Lloyd - Jul 8, 2013, 2:18pm CDT
Twitter updates with direct message syncing

Users love when things can be synced across multiple devices, so it should come as a big relief that a Twitter update today now includes syncing of direct messages across multiple devices. The update applies to a slew of platforms: Android, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, the Twitter web interface, and the mobile web app, as well as TweetDeck.

The update will now allow users to read a direct message on any of the platforms mentioned above and have them sync with the service to make the changes on all of your devices. This prevents users from having to annoyingly clear their direct messages when they load up the app on a different platform.

Personally, I hardly ever use the direct messaging feature on Twitter, so the update has little effect on me, but I’m no stranger to wanting my data synced automatically between my different devices, and not having direct messages sync in the past seems like something I really wouldn’t be a fan of.

Also included with the update is improvements to search results that users will see on Android, iPhone, iPad, and the mobile web interface. When you search for people on Twitter, you’ll now see an expanded results that show full bios of users. Swiping to the left of a user preview will bring up similar users. Furthermore, a new in-app indicator in search results will show users when there are new tweets for your search query, similar to how the web interface can do that now.

Twitter says the update will be gradually rolling out today, so if you don’t see it in your update list in the respective app stores, you’ll just have to be patient. You’ll also need to update the app on all of your devices for the direct message syncing to work properly.

SOURCE: Twitter Blog

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