Twitter Updates Android App With Two New And Important Features

If you are an Android user that has been taking advantage of the official Twitter app, I am sure there are a few things that you have been waiting for in the app. Two of the most commonly requested features from many users are now integrated into the latest update for the Twitter app on Android devices. The newly updated app is on the Android Market already for download.

One of the new and long anticipated features is push notifications. The Twitter app will now notify you of a post so you don't have to set the app to update every few minutes. For some users that might extend the run time of your smartphone since you won't have to update as often. The notifications will tell you each time you are mentioned.

The app also gets the ability to handle multiple accounts. It's not just two accounts either; you can use as many accounts as you want on the app. This will allow you to tweet from a personal account and a work account from one app. The downside to this though is that it also opens the door for you to tweet a personal post from your work account so be careful.

[via Android Community]