Twitter unveils Lolcatz language, makes it available naow

Facebook has had a pirate language option for some time now, allowing users to view their profile with ample quantities of arrr! and plunderin'. Now Twitter can add itself to the list of social networks with a novelty language option – in this case, Lolcat. Users can check out their profile in Lolcat language here, and make it permanent in the settings.

The language change doesn't affect tweets, but just about everything else flips into LOLCATZ mode when the language is selected. The most prominent changes are on the left side of the screen, where Tweets, Favorites, Lists and Followers are changed to all caps, and Following is changed to all-caps FOLLOWIN. Lolcats language is similar to English, you see.

There are a few more notable differences elsewhere, however. On tweets, you'll see "VIEW FOTO" for photographs, and "my" becomes the slightly more endearing "mah". There are a handful of kthnx tossed around as well. If, after previewing the language, you want to make it your permanent Twitter environment, head into "Settings" and choose "LOLCATZ" from the Language menu.

Essentially, the Lolcatz language is composed of a lot of all-caps words, but those willing to look past the particularity will find the subtle differences endearing. Unlike Facebook's pirate language, which is overwhelming due to the vast amount of pirate speak splattered across yer home port, the Lolcatz language change is diminutive in scope, and reminds you of cats, which is never a bad thing.

[via The Next Web]