Twitter Undo button test lets users stop typo Tweets in their tracks

In recent weeks and months, Twitter has been either testing or rolling out a number of new features, and today the company was spotted testing a feature that's bound to make a lot of users happy. Twitter is apparently testing an undo timer for sent tweets, allowing users to quickly change their minds and scrap tweets shortly after hitting the "Send" button.

While that does essentially have the same effect of deleting a tweet you've already published, with an undo feature you're preventing anyone from ever seeing the tweet in question. Not only could such a feature be good for those times where you spot a typo as you're hitting the "Send" button, but it will also obviously come in handy for those times where you're tweeting impulsively and probably shouldn't be.

The new feature was spotted by social media sleuth Jane Manchun Wong today, who published a gif of the "Undo" button that appears after sending a tweet. The button hangs around for a few seconds, giving users a brief window to tap it before it disappears. It also appears that hitting that Undo button will open up the editor with your original tweet again, giving you the chance to fix any typos you may have spotted at the last minute.

Wong's tweet doesn't give us any other information about this test. We don't know how broad it is, who gets to test it, or how long it's been in testing. Of course, since Wong isn't a Twitter employee, we wouldn't necessarily expect her to uncover this stuff just through datamining, so we're left waiting to see if Twitter announces anything about this test on its own.

That said, an "Undo" button would clearly be a step in the right direction for users who have been asking for the ability to edit tweets, and it would probably prove to be popular with the Twitter user base as a whole. We'll see what happens from here, and we'll let you know if Twitter announces anything regarding the "Undo" button in the future.