Twitter toying with video suggestions for your hashtags

Twitter may be getting a lot more visual, and take up more of your time, with a new experiment. It seems as though the micro-blogging platform is toying with the option to suggest videos based on your tweets. By adding a hashtag, Twitter may end up suggesting you post a video of the occurrence you're talking about.

The project, which isn't being discussed by Twitter, is to offer up video clips based on hashtags. It currently works with the hashtag #amillionwaystodieinthewest, which will bring up a clip from the Western of the same name. We've tested it on several platforms, and it seems to be an iOS-only trick right now.

Once you enter the hashtag into your compose field, Twitter will send up a few video suggestions to add to the tweet. Once you select a clip, it pops up at the bottom of the screen, much like it would had you taken a video yourself and shared it. If you like, it can be played ahead of posting so you know you have the right clip.

Once you attach the clip, it directs you back to the compose field. If you like, you can delete the hashtag and type something new. Above is our test on iOS. We also attempted it with Android to no avail, but Twiiter gave Re/Code the standard "we experiment all the time" response to the discovery of this trick.

It also doesn't seem to be available for any other hashtags, or at least none we could think of that may bring up a movie clip. There's no way to know if this will move beyond the testing phase it seems to be in, but could prove useful for a variety of reasons, most notably sports clips.

Source: Re/Code