Twitter tipped in plan to increase 140-character limit

Twitter. It's obviously different from Facebook in many ways, but one of the best differences is the character limit — Twitter users are forced to think about what they're saying, and you won't have to slog through paragraphs of needless banter as a result. Still, URLs and image links eat up the present 140-character limit substantially, and not all succinct sentiments can be squeezed into such a small restriction.

According to a new report from Re/code, more than one source has cropped up to state that Twitter is "building a new product" that'll give its users the ability to share tweets longer than the present limitation. What this product is wasn't stated — whether Twitter's limit will be changed or a secondary service will allow one to tweet longer forms isn't clear.

The sources say that Twitter has been talking about increasing the 140-character limit for years, and, of course, many users have long been pushing for longer tweets. This time around, talk of the change has happened reportedly as part of Twitter's efforts to increase its number of users.

Different methods to increase the character limit have reportedly been discussed, including things like no longer counting @mentions, links, and such as part of the count. It did end up removing the limit from direct messages, but tweets are still largely shackled to the same limitation as always. Reportedly CEO Jack Dorsey is in favor of the character limitation adjustment.

SOURCE: Re/code