Twitter Tip Jar feature test arrives: What it is and how to use it

Twitter is now testing a feature that may make the platform a bit more appealing to creators: Tip Jar. The new feature has entered testing, according to Twitter, which has previewed the new feature with a tease about returning soon with more information. With this tool, creators can receive money in the form of 'tips' from their fans and followers.

Creators accepting tips on Twitter isn't anything new, but it has been cumbersome — having to tweet out PayPal links, putting a Venmo handle in one's profile, and similar things. Twitter's Tip Jar feature eliminates this hassle by integrating the ability to tip creators directly.

The Tip Jar feature is now available to Twitter users who have their accounts set to the English language. The feature can be found on iOS and Android, though it is limited to certain users like nonprofits, journalists, creators, and experts, according to Twitter. The company plans to make it available to additional users, including in more languages, soon.

Users who have access to the test can enable Tip Jar by tapping the 'Edit Profile' button on the platform's mobile app, then scrolling down and toggling on the new 'Tip Jar' item in the menu. From there, users can link the feature to multiple other platforms with financial features, including PayPal, Patreon, Cash App, Bandcamp, and Venmo.

Of course, you'll need to have one or more of those accounts already set up in order to link them to your Twitter profile. Followers can then tap the Tip Jar button in the creator's profile to pull up the tipping options, select the platform they prefer, then continue to that app to send the money.