Twitter tests new feature that makes it easier to revive threads

Some Twitter users have spied a new feature that makes it easier to continue a tweet thread directly from the compose box. The feature is only live for some users and, as with any test, may not end up rolling out as a permanent feature for all users. With it, the company presents users with a simple button within the tweet box directly linked to the user's most recently published tweet.

The new 'continue thread' button appears within the composition box containing the 'What's happening?' message, according to Android Police, which first discovered the feature. Users (who are included in this new test) will see the button underneath their most recent tweet when they swipe down within the text box.

Only the most recent tweet will appear with the 'Continue thread' option, meaning you'll have to manually find and revive older tweets if you want to add to the conversation. Whether Twitter will adjust this design so that users can rapidly cycle through their older tweets remains to be seen.

It's unclear how widespread this 'continue thread' button test is at this time; it is possible that only a very small number of Twitter users are seeing it, though the company may expand it to cover additional users in the future. As with any test, it's just as likely that Twitter will decide to scrap the entire feature or significantly change it before making it available to everyone.

Tweet threads are the predominant way people have conversations on Twitter; because the platform limits each individual tweet to a short number of characters, users will reply to their most recent tweet with a continuation of their message in order to express longer ideas and sentiments. The new button simply makes this process easier.