Twitter tests feature that warns when conversations may get heated

Twitter has detailed a number of experimental features and tests over the summer, and it doesn't look like its plans are slowing down any time soon. This time around, the company revealed that it is testing a prompt that will appear for mobile users when they encounter a conversation that "could get heated or intense."

The feature test was revealed on the Twitter Support account, where the company explains that it is currently "a work in progress." The prompt is pretty simple: it shows up as a light blue banner above the replies on a tweet, stating, "Heads up: Conversations like this can be intense."

A pop-up prompt reveals additional details, including to "remember the human" on the other side of the screen, as well as to check facts and keep an open mind about other users' perspectives on a matter. Users who want to proceed with the conversation can tap the "count me in" button to continue.

The feature may prove useful for users who want to enjoy the platform but avoid the notoriously contentious conversations often found on it. This may help users who, for example, have mental health issues avoid conversations that may increase their temper or anxiety.

The new prompt will be visible to users on iOS and Android; it's unclear how many people will see the test. As with any experimental feature, it is possible it will change significantly before launching for everyone, assuming it launches broadly at all.