Twitter Temporarily Suspended Fake Steve Jobs Account With 460,000 Followers

With the Apple iPad 2 event being the rage today, I couldn't ignore the news that Twitter temporarily suspended the fake but popular Steve Jobs account yesterday. @ceoSteveJobs has over 460,000 followers and has been openly impersonating the CEO, posting humorous Apple-related tweets for quite some time now. It is unclear why the action was taken, but as of this morning the account has been reinstated.

On January 1st of this year, a new "online impersonation law" was passed in California that banned people from assuming another person's identity online in order to defraud or cause harm. This may have factored into the suspension, however, the @ceoSteveJobs account did not violate Twitter's Terms of Service, which allowed parody accounts as along as they followed certain guidelines.

The @ceoSteveJobs account does make it clear in its profile that it is not representing the real Steve Jobs. It is not certain why the account was suspended and now reinstated. But the good news is that it has been reinstated just in time for @ceoSteveJobs to tweet about the new iPad 2.

[via ReadWriteWeb]