Twitter stops support for Tweetdeck Mobile and Air apps

TweetDeck has just released a statement saying that Twitter will be discontinuing several of its apps. TweetDeck for iOS and TweetDeck for Android will be removed from their respective apps store in May. Along with those apps, TweetDeck AIR will also be removed, and Facebook integration will cease. All of the apps will stop functioning shortly after they're removed from the market. They state that the reasoning is because most of its power users only use its web-based app.

TweetDeck will focus all of its efforts to improve the experience for its power users. It is focusing entirely on developing its web-based app and Chrome app. It believes that most users are steering away from its TweetDeck mobile apps and opting towards Twitter's official mobile apps and its feature-rich offerings like photo-filters, various editing capabilities, and enhanced search.

Despite cutting off support for its mobile apps, TweetDeck is doing exceptionally well. It has doubled its workforce in the past six months and it has massively improved its web/chrome apps. It has revamped its user experience, created a search term auto-complete feature, included search filters, and have included an auto-updating twitter stream feature. It also releases updates on a weekly basis.

Your TweetDeck mobile apps shouldn't be discontinued until sometime in May, however TweetDeck has stated that it will be "retiring" its Twitter v1.0 API, the same API that TweetDeck's mobile apps work on. So in the next couple of months, users who are still using the TweetDeck apps will experience several outages. TweetDeck understands that many users will be affected by this change and has stated, "And for those of you who are inconvenienced by this shift, our sincere apologies."

[via TweetDeck]