Twitter Stickers coming to Snapchat your Tweet photos

Twitter is introducing Stickers to the world of Tweet photos for you and yours – sort of like Snapchat. Not that you'll be able to place these stickers on shortened videos that explode after a short period of time, but still – the connection is there. What's radical about this update to Twitter isn't that you'll be putting cartoon glasses on your images, but that these stickers work like hashtag links. Each sticker is a link, each link on a sticker leads to a collection of Tweets with those stickers attached to images.

Twitter users will be able to make use of a variety of editing features for photos before they're posted. You've also got the ability to filter your photos, tag your photos, crop your photos, and edit accessibility.

Each Sticker you stick will serve several purposes. First, it'll decorate your photo – don't want to go around posting photos without decorations if you want to be noticed by other people who decide stickers are important. You'll also find that stickers link to other stickers. Like planting a #hashtag on your photo in Instagram, you'll be placing a link to all other photos with that same sticker attached.

Unfortunate for mobile users is the fact that the clicking of these stickers will only be available for desktop users – for now. What does that mean for the future of the clicking of the stickers?

It likely means that those users that only use smartphones and/or tablets wont latch on to the idea of linking photos together with stickers, and that they'll have to find other reasons to want to stick – like the idea that these stickers are fun in and of themselves.

This update will be coming to iOS and Android very, very soon. Within the next few weeks soon.

Unless you're one of the lucky few who has already gotten access. Update your Twitter app and let us know if you're seeing the update – or better yet, Tweet us your results! @SlashGear.