Twitter Spaces co-hosting update makes it easier to manage sessions

Twitter introduced Spaces in 2020 as a live audio platform for people to hold conversations. The feature arrived with a limited group of users, but soon expanded in May so that any account with at least 600 followers could host a session. In the latest update to the platform, Twitter is now making it easier to manage these audio sessions by adding a co-host.

Twitter announced the new feature today, stating that going forward hosts will have the option to add up to two co-hosts to their Spaces session. These co-hosts are in addition to the main host, making for three people total who can help manage the session.

In addition to the three hosts, the session can also have up to 10 speakers. If you designate someone a co-host on your chat, that individual will be able to manage requests from other users, remove participants from the session when necessary, invite new speakers to participate, pin tweets, and do other things the host may otherwise be tasked with.

This new option frees up hosts to focus on, for example, introducing or talking with the speakers who are participating. This is essentially the addition of a moderation option on Spaces that means a single host won't need to keep an eye on all the particulars that come with the chat.

Twitter demonstrates how to invite users to co-host a Spaces session with you; the process is as simple as tapping the people icon at the bottom of the screen, then selecting the "Invite co-hosts" option. Out of the people in the Spaces chat, you'll be able to select one or two users to join you as co-hosts.