Twitter rolls out tweet translation feature

Twitter has tapped Microsoft's language translation tool to make reading tweets in languages you don't speak a bit easier. The company announced the new translation feature in a tweet yesterday, saying that the service is being provided using Bing Translator. Those who do not want to see the translations have nothing to fear, with Twitter also tossing in the ability to disable translations if desired. We have got all the details on enabling the feature and more after the jump.

Users are able to control the translation feature by heading into the relevant menu option — "Show Tweet translations" — under Account Settings -> Tweet translation. From there, users are able to control the translation setting, while viewing a tweet's translation is as simple as clicking the globe icon in a tweet.

Users will be seeing the translation feature on both Android and iOS, on desktop browsers, and through TweetDeck. As mentioned, the translations are being dished up via a partnership with Bing Translator, and as such there are 40+ language pairs with support for being translated.

The translations are in addition to the original text rather than in substitution of it, the reason for which being occasional poor translations that inevitably result from using automatic translators. Twitter was sure to point out that sometimes translations will have errors or other issues.

SOURCE: Twitter