Twitter rolls out Revue newsletter subscription button for tweets

Months after revealing its plans regarding its Revue acquisition and the future of newsletters on its platform, Twitter has introduced Revue subscription buttons on tweets, enabling users to monetize the content they already publish. The new option joins the previously released Tip Jar feature, which allows users to put links to cash apps and platforms in their bio.

Revue is one of a growing number of online publishing platforms that enables writers and publishers to send readers newsletters. The idea is to give writers and publishers a way to gain revenue from their readers using a subscription-based system, with readers paying a certain amount per month to read the content.

This new tweet feature means that readers who see one of your Revue posts in their timeline can now directly click a subscribe button to sign up for your newsletter. The feature is rolling out in phases starting with mobile web and desktop, which is available now. Support on Android and iOS will arrive soon.

The company explains that if someone clicks on the link to your Revue content (which pulls up the post in their browser), they'll be able to subscribe to the newsletter by returning to their timeline and clicking the subscribe button on the tweet.

Assuming you have an email address linked to your Twitter account, you'll be able to sign up for the newsletter using a one-click process, Revue says. This eliminates the need to manually confirm your email address. Others who use Twitter without a linked email will be guided through the process of subscribing.