Twitter rolls out personalized recommendations on iOS and Android

Those who enjoy Twitter's @MagicRecs recommendation system can now enjoy the same sort of recommendations via a new personalized series of push notifications being sent out to mobile users. Both those on Android and iOS can enable the personalized recommendations feature on their app, receiving curated suggestions on their mobile.

The announcement was made today by Twitter on its blog, where the microblogging company detailed the difficulty some users might have in keeping up with the best aspects of the social network on occasion. The vast amount of data that pours into Twitter on a constant basis can become burdensome to sort through, and otherwise interesting content can become lost in the mix.

Such was the reality behind the creation of the @MagicRecs recommendation account, which fires off direct messages to users with personalized recommendations for each user it interacts with. The new personalized mobile recommendations are built upon that foundation, working much in the same way if the user has the feature enabled.

The personalized recommendations are delivered as push notifications for those running Android and iOS. Those who don't want to see them can shut the feature off in Settings whenever they wish, being able to toggle them back on in the same way. Despite this, @MagicRecs won't be going anywhere, with Twitter says it will keep using it as an experiment.

SOURCE: Twitter