Twitter Rolls Out Activity Dashboard For The Little People

Celebrities and other big wigs on Twitter have long had access to their accounts' metrics, able to see user engagement and other information on followers and account activity. That feature has been extended to include (almost) every user, regardless of whether they're verified.

Twitter Analytics can now be accessed by anyone who has had a Twitter account for longer than two weeks. In it, an activity dashboard shows a plethora of information: statistics on where your followers are from, primary interests, monthly activity, favorites, and more.

Users can click on a tweet to see data on it specifically, including things like retweets and how many times it has been clicked. For those who are particularly keen on keeping a tab on their social networks, the metrics can also be downloaded for offline use.

The dashboard is presently only available those who mostly tweet in either English, Japanese or Spanish — those who tweet in other languages will be seeing the activity dashboard "soon". It seems protected and restricted accounts won't have activity dashboards.

SOURCE: Twitter