Twitter paid subscription name, price, and premium features leak

We've known for some time now that Twitter plans to launch a paid subscription service that will give users access to premium features unavailable to free users. The company has given some indications about what these features may be, but has generally remained vague and many details remain unknown. That may have changed with a new leak.

The information comes from app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who said in a tweet that this subscription plan will be called Twitter Blue and will be priced at a comfortable $2.99/month. Some of the features this subscription will offer allegedly include Collections, which is the ability to save and organize tweets you like, as well as the option to 'undo' tweets.

Another feature, it seems, will be Bookmark Collections, which is described as different folders in one's bookmarks for easily organizing content into different categories. Though these features, the name, and the price remain unconfirmed, Wong does have a solid track record of leaking details before they're launched.

Beyond that, Twitter is reportedly also planning to offer multiple paid subscription tiers, with those who pay for higher tiers gaining access to more features than those at the lower tiers. This arrangement may be appealing to users who utilize the platform in different ways and who have different needs.

The higher tiers may feature the clean news reading feature Twitter has indicated it will launch as part of its subscription plan, for example — the company recently acquired a couple of companies that hint at both newsletter and clutter-free reading experiences. It remains unclear when Twitter plans to launch its paid subscription plan(s), however.