Twitter on iOS now separates retweets with comments and those without

JC Torres - May 13, 2020, 5:49 am CDT
Twitter on iOS now separates retweets with comments and those without

For better or worse, social media has quickly risen up to be an alternate or even major source of information for many people. Unfortunately, these networks have not been able to quickly adapt to their newfound power, much less the responsibility they now bear as channels of news, information, and, sometimes, disinformation. Twitter, in particular, has been slowly changing to the times to give users more control over their tweets and the discussions that form around them. Its latest new trick, to let users see retweets with comments in a single place.

Twitter has long allowed its users to add some of their own thoughts whenever they retweet something. Often it’s to create a separate discussion without adding to an existing thread of comments. These retweet with comments are handled differently as they don’t show up in the list of those who simply retweeted your post and you’d need to search via the original tweet’s URL to see those.

Twitter is now starting to change that by splitting the Retweets page into two tabs. Now you get to see those who retweeted your post with comments and those without. But more than just that, both kinds of retweets count towards your total retweet count, which could help boost some stats in the original author’s favor.

This is just the latest change that Twitter has been rolling out or testing in order to step up to its role beyond posting short 140-character posts. In addition to expanding the character limit, Twitter has been working on improving how comments are handled or even viewed, making it easier for users and readers to see the flow of the conversation.

This new Retweets with Comments view is rolling out to the iOS Twitter app now, though it might take time to reach all users completely. Twitter promises that the Web view and Android will soon follow.

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