Twitter on iOS could soon support Sign in with Apple

There are innumerable online services and apps these days that it is almost impossible to keep track of all the usernames and passwords for them. Thankfully, some of those services allow you to sign up and log into their network using a Google account or, sometimes, a Facebook account. Two years ago, Apple launched its own take on that convenience with "Sign in with Apple," and Twitter might be adopting the technology to help make it easier for both old and new users to jump on board with their iPhones and iPad.

Single Sign-On or SSO services like Google and Facebook are two-edged swords. On the one hand, it may be even more convenient than using a password manager since there is no credential to store in the first place. On the other hand, it also surrenders control of and access to those third-party accounts to the SSO provider.

Sign in with Apple tries to address those security and privacy issues in a unique way. It lets users sign up with services using proxy emails that hide their true emails from third parties. For iOS apps, Sign in with Apple becomes a requirement only if the app or service offers other third-party SSOs as well.

Twitter has so far avoided that requirement by offering no other sign-in option except Twitter itself. According to famed social network tipster Jane Manchun Wong, however, that might be changing soon. Last month, she revealed that Twitter was working on Google sign-ins, which would require that Twitter implement Apple sign-ins as well.

What isn't clear yet is when these new options will arrive. It is, however, interesting to see Twitter opening up its network to such sign-in options, especially since it also has its own "Log in with Twitter" SSO.