Twitter makes it easier to block the trolls that won't go away

Twitter, which has previously been under fire over claims that it doesn't do enough to stop abusive users, has introduced a newly streamlined blocking process that makes it quicker than ever to block a user. Blocking a user is nothing new, of course, but Twitter is making sure you can do it as quickly and easily as possible, adding 'block' to the same menu where 'mute' is located.

As you can see in the animation below, blocking users is now as easy as muting them. Select a tweet from the account you want to block, then tap the small tri-dot menu to pull up your options. Choose "block" and the account will be banned from viewing or replying to your account, and you'll no longer see any tweets from them.

This is one of three main ways Twitter users can deal with trolls. If someone is merely annoying rather than abusive and you want to shut them up without blocking them, there's the less abrasive 'mute' option. When you mute someone, you'll simply no longer see their tweets in your feed, and they'll be none the wiser about it.

And, of course, users can report accounts to Twitter when necessary (such as in cases where someone is bullying you). The report tool is found on the same small menu as mute and block, and will trigger a Twitter investigation that may get the abusive account banned from the service.