Twitter looking for Product Manager to bring in revenue

Twitter is apparently trying to bring in a new Product Manager to help generate revenue on the very popular social networking site. These days is seems everyone is using Twitter to keep the world updated. The lack of a business model has been a topic of debate for quite some time now.

Like many other massive social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook, Twitter has managed to grow huge with popularity all while providing free services for their users. Now Twitter is focusing on a way to drive more revenue without compromising the integrity of the site. Many companies that start out such as Twitter has end up selling before they reach such a point.

Here is the Product Manager posting that Twitter recently posted on Jobscore:

The primary responsibility: "Define products and feature sets of commercial-oriented Twitter applications." The description goes on: "As Twitter's first product manager focused on revenue generation, you will play a defining role in the formulation of Twitter's business. Your job will be to lead the definition and execution of the products and features that will lead to monetization of the Twitter platform."

Got an idea as to how Twitter can turn on the cash spigot? Send in your resume.