Twitter kicks off bigger enhanced brand page rollout

This week twitter started a larger rollout of its enhance brand pages. We first caught wind of these new brand pages back in early December 2011 and the first page we saw was from Pepsi. Enhance brand pages allow different companies, brands, organizations, and others to set up twitter pages that more closely reflect the corporate personality and color schemes of the businesses. If you like those first few handful of pages that launched back in December from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, American Red Cross, and American Express you can count on seeing a lot more very soon.

Yesterday, several new brand pages rolled out on twitter, including pages for NBC news, Volkswagen, the Huffington Post, and several others. A twitter spokesperson told Gigaom the rollout of enhanced brand pages would continue with more advertising partners and other companies and individuals getting their own enhance pages in the coming weeks and months.

These enhanced brand pages are a good move for twitter because it wants to attract more advertising dollars. Major brands that spend on advertising want to control as much as they can about the campaigns and the way the ads are viewed. I would bet most brands would have their own branded page before long. What do you think of enhanced brand pages, do they make it easier for you follow your favorite brands and companies?

[via Gigaom]