Twitter just made it easier to search through old DMs on Android

If you've been on Twitter for a while, particularly if you use it for networking, you've probably amassed a bunch of direct messages. Searching through these messages for specific content has never been easy, but Twitter took steps to address the issue last year. Now it is back with the latest evolution of this effort, one that has finally arrived on Android.

Back in August, Twitter announced that it would start testing a DM search feature on desktop and iOS, enabling users to search through direct messages for the specific content they were seeking.

There were some limitations to this feature, however, including that it was restricted to only one's most recent DMs — and that's not particularly useful considering that if you're looking for something, it's probably an older message.

In an update today, Twitter announced that it has brought this same feature to Android and expanded to cover old messages in addition to more recent ones. It's unclear whether the desktop and iOS versions of this feature also now support searching through old direct messages.

The company notes that it is working on another update for the feature that will enable users to search through the content of DMs, making it more useful for those times you can remember the specific conversation or topic, but not who you were chatting with. That update is scheduled for release later this year.