Twitter is now six years old

Awww, our little Twitter is growing up so fast. It is now a budding six years old. Where were you when you sent your first tweet? Are you one of the early adopters or did you just start recognizing what the significance of that blue bird is last week? Either way, if you've logged into Twitter at least once, you're part of one of the biggest social platforms that exists. And it is only continuing to grow bigger and bigger every day (heck, every minute).

In the official Twitter blog, the microblogging site posted a picture of a several-year-old sketch on a piece of notebook paper that would become the foundation of a site that has fundamentally changed history. That's no joke. Many people credit Twitter (along with other factors, of course) for things like the uprise in Egypt and other regions in the Middle East. It has become as much a friendly networking platform as it has a valuable resource for news and cultural impacts.

In the blog post, the company wrote, "No one could have predicted the trajectory of this new communication tool. Now it seems that there are as many ways to express yourself in 140 characters as there are people doing it. And at last check, there are more than 140 million active users (there's that number again) — and today we see 340 million Tweets a day. That's more than 1 billion every 3 days. However concisely, it turns out there's plenty to say."

[via Twitter Blog]